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Sunday, February 24, 2013

This just hasn't been my week

I've been beyond tired this whole week.

It started when I went to pick up some Origami Owl stuff from my friend Hilary, as I approached an intersection a lady was turning left and turned in front of me and I hit her.  I got hurt. I must have been a bit of shock because I didn't really feel the pain until several hours later... It hurts to drive, using my right leg while sitting causes pain up my back and my headaches that I started to get on a consistent basis since starting work have gotten worse.  Thank goodness I have my doTERRA Deep Blue rub otherwise I wouldn't be able to function. It has helped both my headaches and my back. Not to mention that there is a little oil monster that hides my Pasttense that I use for said headaches that have been bugging me since I started working with little monsters on a daily basis.

I went to a chiropractor, it felt like I needed to, and he made me hurt more, but then I went again the next day and he fixed it but then Thursday I felt worse.  I've heard it said that it is a SLOW up and down recovery with whip lash. Which not to mention the headache that is dealing with a car that has been wrecked, which I won't talk about in case we have to take legal action.  We have a rental, it's a really nice mini-van, but still.  I feel much better today, we'll see what next week brings.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! I love working with kids and seeing things click in their heads and knowing that I had something to do with that.  The week of Halloween and the week before Christmas break were ROUGH, and now I found out that Valentine's Day is a close 2nd (or third)!! I'll just say that I never thought I would be saying, "Don't drop candy on the ground and then lick it!!!" to any of my little cuties.  
His hilariousness is AWESOME!!

The beautiful flowers I got on V-Day!!
This was waiting for pictures.... And was from the week of Valentines... There ya go....


Ami said...

Sorry about the accident. That sucks. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love the 'hat'. :)

mrs.boring stay at homer said...

He is a cutie, for sure!
Sorry about the accident, hope you don't hurt much longer!

Singer Lee said...
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