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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It was fate...

I had a vendor event on Saturday it was with other local vendors, we are each going to take a turn hosting an event every month, well this one was NOT well advertised.... There were 15 vendors and I think we had 10 people come in to shop.  I was getting ready to pack up my stuff and leave for a home party I had that was 45 minutes away from where I was when a girl sat down at my table.  She looked familiar but I was a little frazzled, so she started building her locket and we were talking and she asked me about my half marathon, it was then that she said who she was and I realized we are apart of the same mommy group on facebook AND facebook friends, yes I still feel like an idiot for not recognizing her.... She mentioned that she is running the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay, and I told her that I REALLY want to run it and for her to keep her ears open for any teams that need another runner.  I had a pretty good party at a friend's house and when I got home I looked at facebook and there was a message from her that HER Ragnar team was looking for 3 more runners!!!

So who has 2 thumbs and gets to cross something off her bucket list in June?? THIS GIRL!!


Jacki said...

Way to go Tiff!!! You rock!

Ami said...

Always fun to meet someone you've 'met' online. I don't have a bucket list, I kicked the bucket ages ago.

Instead, I focus on getting through the day without having to wait more than a half hour to poo when I need to.

It's harder than you might think.


I think you're awesome to be a runner.. I have never been one and can't ever BE one now, not with MY knees.

The Circus said...

I've been thining about Ragnar. I want to do both the Wasatch one and the Vegas one so I can have the Saints and Sinners medal set :)