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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wayback Wednesday

The year is 1993.  I finished and survived my first year of Junior High. I had had long hair most of my life and decided to chop it off to my shoulders on the last day of 7th grade. I cried after it was done and I remember my grandma telling me that it looked cute and that maybe I shouldn't do everything my friend's decided to do, I only cut it because 2 of my friends had also cut their hair.

My dad adopted me on October 13th. I turned 14 and my baby sister, Hailey turned 1 in November of that year. My grandma put a picture of us in the local paper in honor of our birthday's, she is the master of embarrassment.

Ugh, 8th grade. I had braces and popcorn puff bangs. I was in dance company at school and also took dance from a private studio.  The movie of the year was Schindler's List and the song was I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. Jurrasic Park came out that year, I remember going to see it with my best friend, Mindi.  It was the first movie I ever went to with boys. Mindi's boyfriend and his best friend met us there. Mindi and her boyfriend held hands through the entire movie, and I remember feeling SO jealous of her and wishing Darby would hold my hand. A month or so after that I started "going out" with a boy named Tommy, he was the first boy to come to my house specifically just to hang out.  Before that any boys that came to my house were there to just "play". We didn't talk much and it was awkward.


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing your wayback!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, please is painful!!!!!


Heather Bankhead said...

you had the prettiest hair ev!
i remember Tommy!

Just me and my girls said...

:) thats all I can come up with!