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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Completely Random Thoughts.....

I got a rockin' new shirt that makes my chi-chis look smokin', BUT it has hanger straps (ya know, the straps that get sewn into shirts so you can hang them on a hanger?) and they sewed them right on the edge so they come out... So annoying. I have another shirt that the hanger straps are sewn by the pits so they are hidden, smart.

I'm going to be a vegetarian for the next 8 days, I will only be eating fruits, vegetables, egg whites, and whole grains. I bought a mini watermelon, it looked ripe, it smelled ripe, it isn't ripe..... Its also supposed to be seedless, its totally not.
Andrew thinks clementines are balls, he threw a bunch of them so they are no longer edible. I got to him before he threw the cantelope.

We tried to go to the temple yesterday seeing as its our anniversary on Tuesday. There is a LONG story but then it ended with Andy forgot his temple recommend and we didn't have the bishop or stake president's numbers. So we didn't get to go :( I hope we can go soon....

I won a gift certificate to Frida Bistro in SLC from Sassy Scoops. So we decided to try it. OH MY GOSH, best food we have had in a LONG time. Seriously SO delish, if you live in Utah, go try it, for reals.

My eyeball hurts.

Church today wasn't bad, E was pretty good she only pushed Andrew down and pulled his hair and jumped on top of him once. Then she went and got his bottle for him, so she's trying.

The boys finished swimming lessons on Thursday, Matty would jump off the diving board, but that's about it so he didn't pass his level.  William is pretty good, I wish the high school that is in our front yard had a pool so he could be on a swim team or club or whatever its called.

I need to find Matthew's IEP (Individual Education Plan) so that I can take him to the school to get speech therapy. Not ready for school to start. Still need to do some shopping, but that won't happen until after the first week of school... Oh well... They each have a new backpack and a couple of new shirts, everything else will have to wait.

Matthew keeps saying he wants to go camping. He wants to go camping at the airport. Don't ask, I don't know either.


Kristina P. said...

Sadly, I missed our review of Frida Bistro. I need to try it on my own!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

A few random thoughts from Jenny:

I am stressed out because Derek's sister and kids are going to come and see us (yay!) but at the same time some good friends of ours are going to be in town. How in the heck do I make everyone happy or not hurt? Also, I am going to have to take that week off of school...which gives me less freedom for the rest of the year. UGH.

I just got called to Activity Days. It is all good...but Kaitlynd only has 6 months before she moves to YW. (YES...YW...)

I love you and miss random conversation filled with no answers!

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I wish watermelon liked me. I like it. Good save on getting to the cantaloupe before it got chucked across the room, too! :D

Emily S said...

Ah, boys, it seems everything will get thrown . . . so cute to me that he is old enough to join in. But my fruit's not smashed, so it can be cute.

Camping at the airport - best of two worlds? And good tip for food, if I ever do get a date, that's what we like to do. :)