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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sometimes it makes me cry and say swears.

Church that is.  Today Andy is working and so I had to brave nursery on my own.  They always find someone to come in and help me and today the sister that they got to help certainly did help, but by the end I had pit marks, only one earring, and I'm pretty sure my slip and garments were hanging out the bottom of my skirt. I felt defeated and deflated, I came home and shed a tear or two.  I'm proud of little T, he always cries and usually his mom has to come in with him, today I told his dad to just go, he cried for about 2 minutes and was totally FINE.  And even gave me a hug before he left, so there was progress. However, little E was out of control, she was hitting and kicking and pinching, I put her in time out about 3 times, this just seemed to fuel her fire, why I didn't just go get one of her parents is beyond me, its not a prison or daycare. Her favorite target is Andrew, I think its because she is the youngest in her family. So babies younger than her threaten her. I did let her parents know what had happened today so that they were aware of what she was doing. I feel like things can only get better with her. She is one of the youngest in the class so she is still getting used to all of it.
 The last time I was in nursery there was a singing lady that came around and sang songs with the kids and it was SO helpful, I'm going to suggest they bring that back.  I am okay, I do love the kids I just have some hard days fulfilling my calling.


Kristina P. said...

I bailed on nursery today. I haven't been feeling well for a week. I was really broken up to make that call. ;)

jessicaclarke said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, following u back

heather said...

It's good to hear from you! Oh and let me just tell you having never served in Nursery I don't quite understand all that you guys go through but I will tell you I feel they are very inspired callings. We have a little guy who has really struggled and his Nursery leaders were an answer to our prayers. Then those prayers were answered even more when as the new year started our Primary Presidency was changed and 3 out of the 4 leaders came from my sons Nursery class. I hate to hear when people feel like they are thankless callings (not that you said that) because I think it takes some amazing people to do them! (hence why I haven't gotten the opportunity yet!) :) You're great, sweaty pits and all! :)

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Awwww, Tiffy. I am so sorry. I am so afraid of the calling that I might be handed. I cannot even tell you.

So the Gal in my old ward had such an awesome nursery. She divided the kids up and had 2 classes. One class would do singing time and the other would do play time and then they rotated and then snack fit in there somewhere. It was great. I went down and helped a few times and it went by really fast with all of the changing classes and such.
Good luck Chicky. It can only get better!

Trishelle said...

Sweet Tiff, you are a rock star! Way to roll with the punches and serve with all you have. You will be blessed for your willingness to do this calling.

As the Primary president in our ward, I can absolutely appreciate the value of a willing Nursery Leader. It is a rewarding calling but can be exhausting and isolating. Your plan to communicate with your president and give her the idea of a music person is a GREAT idea. I hope she considers it.

Also, something we've decided to do that seems to be right for our ward is to give that calling a shelf-life...meaning, we plan on filling that position for 6 month intervals so our Nursery workers can plan on participating and serving in other auxiliaries. You are amazing, my friend!

Trishelle said...

Eeek. I didn't mean to sound like a know-it-all...just attempting to share food for thought. ;)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

nursery is the hardest calling, and one I have had...and know exactly what you are talking about. i'm sorry.