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Thursday, April 14, 2011

They're moving

My grandparents are going to move from the home that they have lived in for 34 years.  My grandpa has diabetes and because of that he has circulation issues and has a really hard time going up and down stairs and the yard is too much for him to handle.  We thought of buying their house but we LOVE our neighborhood and schools, and we aren't sure if we could sale our house and be able to make their house the way we would want to. Now is just not the time for us to move. I grew up in that house, its my home away from my own home.  I can't imagine having a family party and not having it at their house.  But I know its for the best, and we can make new memories, its just weird to think about them actually moving.  They are only going about 5 blocks east of where they currently live, its in the next town over.  They will be going from their 5 bedroom home down to a 2 bedroom condo.  They won't have to take care of a yard and there are 2 parks near by and a clubhouse with an exercise room and a pool. So it'll be good. This is a good thing. Really. It is.


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

It is going to be sad all the same. I am sure they will enjoy their new place and the low maintenance.

Did your grandpa retire? I hope so.

Mallory said...

Is this Hal and Sylvia? Wow crazy but good!

steph said...

I drive through the neighborhood and it's weird. There's "my" house, my grandparents house, and I think about and remember all the neighbors who aren't there anymore. It all looks different. It feels different. Bill now lives on Jean St and it's all wrong LOL I just don't go out there much. Magna belongs in the memories for me.
I'm glad this will be a good thing for them though. I bet their a little excited to try something new.

steph said...

*they're excited. Oops