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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Throw up ruined my REM cycle last night

I got woken up this morning at 3 am by William and Matthew, William had a stomach ache, and while climbing down the bunk bed he woke up his brother, great.  So I told them to get in bed with me, Andy was working graveyard so there was room, but it soon turned into William and I trying to convince Matthew to go back to his bed, and then I told him he could watch Blue's Clues in the living room.  Got him all set up and went back to bed, Blue's Clues is on the DVR so as soon as it was over he started yelling for me to put something else on, yeah that was a dumb idea, Matthew never goes back to sleep unless he is in bed with me, so I put on another recorded show and go back to bed again. I had just hit the pillow when William start puking off the side of the bed, really loudly and LOTS of it.  I can handle poop, blood and pee, throw up on the other hand, not so much.  Somehow it smelled like poop.  So I finally get it all cleaned up without tossing my own cookies and climb back into bed, it feels like I slept for 20 minutes when the baby woke up.  Andy needs to sleep so he can function at work.  I've just got to suck it up, its going to be a long day.....

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