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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I think I'm a little insane.

Lately I REALLY despise Socks, Showers, Snow, and Jeans, let me tell you why. Socks - they make indents on my ankles if I wear them too long and make my feet sweat, but its not topping 30 degrees around here so they are kind of necessary.  Showers - I don't necessarily hate showers I just feel like I have to earn my showers, like if I take a shower without working out first I feel like a fat slob and cannot enjoy my shower, yep, like I said, INSANE. Snow - I live in Utah, it snows every year, and every year I wonder why in the Hell I still live here, I HATE snow, its cold and wet and makes ice which you can slip on or wreck your car on, damn family and friends that make it impossible for us to leave here.  I do enjoy skiing but I haven't been for like 12 years, and its SO DANG EXPENSIVE!!! And lastly jeans - I do not own a pair of jeans that I feel comfortable in, I used to live in jeans, but I find sweats are so much more comfy, and I hate that I can't wear my sweats everywhere I go.
I know I'm probably not alone in feeling this way but I just needed to say it, so there you go, I'm a little insane lately.


Sovic Clan said...

I am with you on the snow and showers. As far as jeans go, I could live in my Miss Me's. They are pricey, but so worth it for a good comfortable pair!

Ami said...

Try wool socks. I know it sounds weird, but really.

Don't buy the cheap ones. Go spend 16 bucks or so on a pair of merino wool hiking socks.

I buy 99% of my clothes at thrift stores... have you checked any out for jeans?

Jennie said...

Dang, I honestly think if I only rewarded myself with a shower after I worked out I'd be in big trouble. On the other hand...that's not a bad idea.

Sure think you're great Tiff. Keep smiling :)