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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hungry baby, smiles, work, weight and school

The baby is ALWAYS hungry, I could nurse him for an hour and he would still down 4 oz of formula an hour after I nurse him, so why am I bothering with nursing?  Because I LOVE to nurse, but its SO frustrating to have to do both.  My milk dries up before I would like it to and it seems to be heading in that direction now, so sad to feed him and have him still be hungry.....
Andrew is smiling!!! Its the cutest thing EVER! As soon as I can be quick enough to get it on camera it will be here, I promise!!

We have been making things work (mostly, its been tight) the last 3 months without me working.  I feel like work might not be worth it, but I feel SO conflicted about it.  I need to spend a lot of time thinking and praying about it..... I have a month to decide.

I joined Weight Watchers, this is my 3rd go around with them, I lost about 30 lbs the first time I did it, then I decided to try to get pregnant again and the 2nd time I was just going up and down, so I'm going to really commit and do it, according to their standards and for me to get to "lifetime" I need to lose at least 67 pounds, holy crap what a daunting number! And to get to my personal goal I need to lose 72 pounds!!! I haven't been at that number since I got married, 9 year ago, but I HAVE to do this, my children need me, and I don't want to be considered morbidly obese, I mean who does, right? It just SOUNDS like a death sentence.... Oh and while I'm nursing I can't do HCG, I may do it again, just to get some results, fast, but for now I'm just working on my lifestyle change.

I want to be an RN, I would need to start from scratch as none of the college classes I took are worth any credits anymore :(  so here's my tentative plan: go to a technical school and get my Medical Assisting, work on all my required classes for nursing school and hopefully work somewhere that will pay for me to go through nursing school.  I will have to do all of this part time, and I think it may take me 10 years, hopefully not, but its okay this is what I want.  Luckily I can do a lot of online schooling which I WILL take advantage of.  I can't wait to start, which if I'm not working I could start as soon as January (I think).


Kristina P. said...

I've been doing WW for a while and lost about 15 pounds I think. I never weigh myself. I strictly go by clothing and how I look and feel. I lost about 70 pounds 7 years ago. I do like the program.

Oh, and I saw my very first nipple shield, yesterday. Magical.

Tiffany said...

LOL Kristina!! I had to use a nipple shield with Matthew... I guess they could be considered magical....

Anonymous said...

Tiffany! I've been out of blog land for so long. It's time to catch up. Congratulations on baby Andrew. He is beautiful.

Good luck on WW. I lost 50 pounds, got to goal, and am now over by 8 pounds and trying to get back. I love food! You will do amazing!

Danielle said...

hey tiffany! i found your blog again (i found it a long time ago, but lost the address - i'm kinda scatterbrained like that - lol)!!

so i wanted to email you re: nursing - i seriously am considering being a lactation consultant (you know, eventually...). with maddy i took fenugreek pills and that really upped my supply. also, are you drinking lots of water? like, LOTS. there's also something else you can do, but i don't know how hard-core you are in to upping your supply - it's called domperidone. anyway, i used formula with maddy, as well as breastfeeding, and that's great, but really, i think there might be more you can do to up your supply. email me if you want to -

your boys are adorable - congrats on the new addition!!


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

YAY...I love hearing from you!

Man...I have been thinking about school too! THAT is daunting. I think I may be on the 15 year plan. What do ya do?

I love the cute pictures of the babes! Can't wait to see ya again!