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Saturday, June 19, 2010

It would be nice....

If there could be some good that came from Jubal's (my biological dad) passing.  Today was his "memorial" service, which consisted of a lot of food and a bunch of people just getting together.  I said the prayer and mentioned his name, but then that was it, nobody read his obituary, talked about his life, or anything......  I thought at the very least there would be more talking about him, that was why we were all there, but nothing really happened.  I guess if I had any expectations I should of voiced them. His best friend and brother planned it, so I thought they would do something?  I guess its good that we all just got together in his honor.  I talked to his sister quite a bit and she made me feel so much better, she understands why I distanced myself from him, and knows that he made my life hell. 
So there was an insurance policy that he had paid into, he had called my grandma and gotten all my information so that I could be the beneficiary on the plan, so when he died everyone just assumed that because he had lost his job and it was through his work that he didn't have the insurance policy any longer, but I'm praying that he still had it, there has been a lot of financial strain on his dad, sister and brother from his death.  There is also some question as to who he actually named as the beneficiary, I'm hoping that I can look into it and find out.... They (his brother, sister, and dad) want to bury him out here, and burial plots are not cheap, neither are headstones, but it feels like he's already been forgotten, he should be buried, he should have a headstone.  I hate money.

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