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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He didn't even cry, but I certainly did....

My oldest has had a tooth ache all weekend and we've been giving him Tylenol and coating his tooth with Oragel until they could get him in today.  On the way to the dentist, I told him that there was a chance he would have to get a shot to which he responded with, "My stomach thinks I'm nervous...." When we pulled into the parking lot my youngest immediately started whining, and my oldest turned to him and said, "Don't whine we aren't even here for you!" We went in, they took an x-ray but they x-rayed the wrong tooth so they did it again, and the dentist took a glance at it and said that it has to come out.  WHAT? I thought worst case scenario that it would be a really bad cavity!  So he asked me if I wanted to give him some laughing gas, numb him up and get it out of there.  I said yes let's get it done.  The dentist has movies playing in the ceiling and my oldest just wanted to watch Scooby-Doo, he didn't care and didn't have any idea what they were doing to him.  Seeing him with laughing gas on brought back TONS of memories of all my visits to the dentist when I was younger!  Anyways, he suddenly says, "why do my feet and hands feel like they are covered in little spikeys?"  The dentist asked him if he was okay and if he could feel anything in his mouth, he said no, and so they went to work, I had to look away and when I looked back at him there was blood everywhere, and I cried.  They got it done fairly quick, in fact right after they had pulled his tooth out he asked when they were giving him a shot, the dentist laughed and said, "no shots buddy, we just pulled out your tooth!"  My oldest was amazed and said "I didn't even feel anything!" and gave the dentist a thumbs up.  Then the dentist had to put a spacer in so that when his permanent molar comes in there will be room for it.

So what happened?  He had 2 cavaties right next to each other about a year and a half ago, he got fillings, now that this happened, I remember that the dentist that did the fillings said that they had gotten really close to the nerve and that it might have to be replaced in a couple years, the dentist today said that something had happened on that tooth and that the filling was hitting the nerve.  He could of possibly done a root canal, but its a baby tooth, and why put him through more pain than is necessary?

He has been totally fine, he got a headache after and the spacer is bugging him, but as long as we keep the Tylenol and Ibuprofen going he is A-OK!  It just ripped my heart out to see so much blood coming from his mouth. 


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I have a tooth ache right now, I am pretty sure if I went they would have to pull it. boo hoo.

Kristina P. said...

Honestly, there is very little that is worse than tooth pain. It hurts so badly! I get cavities a lot on my wisdom teeth. I need to just get them removed.

Glad he's ok!

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

So glad the laughing gas worked so well for him!

Hopper had one of her permanent molars break off after she'd eaten something hard. It broke all the way down into the nerve area, and they couldn't fix it, so she just doesn't have a tooth in that particular area. I hate dental problems almost as much as plumbing problems!

Emily S said...

Yikes, you guys have been through it the last couple of days . . . sorry, let me know if boys need to play!

BTW, you are right Robert Pattison is NOT hot. (In these movies, at least.) Come on ladies, just because he plays Edward does not make him hot.