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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I can be stubborn, and some random rambling....

So I've got my mind SET on a sit n stand stroller and I've found a few online that are used that I want to get, and so of course I want to get a matching car seat, although the car seat isn't as big of deal, but HOLY CRAP, car seats are expensive, maybe I just don't remember, but seriously.....  We also need a new diaper bag, I found one on Land's End that is a backpack and I really like it and so does Andy, which he is hard to please when it comes to bags, he's got like bag OCD or something.  So car seat, stroller, and diaper bag - check, check and check, now we just need the money to buy all of them :( Then I realized we also need essential stuff like a bath tub and shampoo and lotion and what not, blech, not to mention crib sheets, oh and those VERY essential things called diapers and wipes, I know we will be able to get it all done, it can just be so overwhelming.....

I LOVE the Twilight series and movies, but I'm watching New Moon,  and I really DO NOT think Robert Pattinson is hot, call me crazy but he is NOT a good Edward. 
I've been really lucky in my pregnancies that I've never gotten stretch marks on my belly, but this time I've got scars on my stomach from getting my gall bladder removed last year, and guess what??  I've got stretch marks starting at my 2 scars, and they are RED and gross, also don't ever get your belly button pierced if you're going to have babies, because your scar could do what mine has done.... There is an X at the top of my belly button that looks like its been cut with a serrated knife, and the bigger my belly gets the longer the x gets, sexy, I guess I can throw out my bikini modeling aspirations.

Last night I got an acid reflux attack, it wasn't fun,  I don't want it to happen again.... 
My hair is really long, I want to cut it, but don't...
All of my hair is set to Amazon Gorilla setting, I've never been SO HAIRY!
I REALLY hate our yard, we've been here 7 years and its still a disaster..
We need a new couch.
I need someone to come organize my life.
I really like Milk right now and I drink a lot of it, which is good, I guess.
I really wonder what the baby is going to look like, I'm worried he could come out with black hair and dark skin ( my biological dad looks like an American Indian, so he has black hair and has dark skin), then everyone will ask where he came from, and I hate explaining it, because I look nothing like him.
I really hate how much my phone buzzes.
I can't wait for "nesting" to set in.
I think getting a dog would be a good idea and lots of fun and good for the boys.  But not til after the baby is born.
My oldest might have a cavity and I need to find a dentist, I wonder where I can find one on Sunday?


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

babies are ridiculously expensive. seeing that Devin is already in 6-9 months...we have had to spend a TON of money on clothes alone.

Our car seat was $ I second that. BUT I didn't buy a stroller. I figure we wouldn't use it, and we haven't had to. AND when we do we will just be using an umbrella stroller.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Have you asked on the free groups that are local to you (freecycle, Sharing is Giving ( FreeSharing ( examples) or on Craigslist for some of the things that you need but you could get used and then just disinfect? Bathtubs and bathseats are often easy to come by on groups like these. Who knows? You might even be able to get a stand and sit stroller for free?!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

You totally need to go to a few garage sales and pick up some deals!

Don't cut your'll hate it right now.

Don't get a dog until you are ready to clean up a TON of poop!

Your yard can wait. You are going to have three sweet boys to care for!

Love you!