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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You've got to be freaking kidding me!! Please pray for me and my bean!

Last week I had my appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine. I was running about 5 minutes late and the only parking spot I could find was 2 stories underground and I didn't want to wait for the elevator so I took the stairs up (I may have run a little bit just to see if I could) my heart was pounding and so I was thankful to get to the dr's office and just sit for a minute. The nurse took me back and first took my blood pressure and it was 143/100, she says "oh my your blood pressure is really high"- uh yeah you think?!? I say well I did run up the stairs to get here so she says that we will take it again after I have laid there for a while. So the good news, she then did an ultrasound and the baby was kicking its legs and then when she was trying to measure the little bean the baby turned toward us and I swear I'm not making this up, its little hand came up and it looked like it waved to us! So I now have a cute little picture of our bean and you can make out a head and a body and legs if you know what you're looking at! The nurse then takes my blood pressure again and its gone down to 120/90 - uh yeah still bad.... The other two times that I've been there I have met with the male doctors and liked them both, so I was surprised when a women walked in.. (I really don't know what it is but I do NOT like female OB's) I guess technically she isn't an OB but still, related field, so she says that I need to be on medication for my high blood pressure, awesome... Then she starts talking to me about my diabetes and I tell her I'm on regular insulin and then the cloudy kind of insulin, she looks at me like I have suddenly sprouted a 3rd eyeball or something, and says what kind is the cloudy kind I say I can't remember but its kinda white and cloudy and she rolls her eyes and says, "Its called NPH, I've never heard of it being referred to as "cloudy". Well excuse me!!! Geez!! I'm on like 5 different medications!!
When I was pregnant with William I hated taking ANYTHING, now I seriously take 5 different kinds of medication everyday, not including my pre-natal vitamin! So now its been a week since I started the blood pressure medication and two nights ago I woke up covered in sweat, shaking and feeling like I'm either going to pass out or throw-up (or both) so I run into the kitchen and the first thing I see to eat is granola bars so I eat one as fast as I can, still shaking, go to the fridge and chug some apple juice, still feeling weak so I polish off the last two granola bars and lay on the couch. It dawns on me to test my blood, it was 20, the lowest I've seen since being diagnosed is 60. I realize that I've experienced my first real diabetic "low" which can cause you to pass out... Hmm great... So while we were in town today running errands I start to feel REALLY hungry I tell Andy that we need to get something to eat ASAP!! We stop at Burger King, at this point I am sweating, shaking and feeling like I'm going to throw up or pass out..... Hmmmm, sound familiar? We happen to be on our way to my OB's office so I can have my blood pressure checked. The nurse says, "Oh well you need to keep hard candy with you at all times so when it happens again you will have sugar to help you, low blood sugar is a side effect of the blood pressure medication, so you will likely experience this often." Hmm Uh Um Uh okay. I just smiled and said okay I will make sure I do that. I'm assuming that the blood pressure medication is one of the only safe ones for pregnant people because otherwise WHY would they prescribe a DIABETIC something with a side effect of low blood sugar????? SO my delayed reaction? "YOU"VE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME, right?"
Ever feel like you've got really bad karma?? I never really put much stock into until now, but WHY would I have bad karma?? I seem to..
PRAY, lots and often, PLEASE! I have 6.5 months before this baby is born. I would like it to be healthy and not suffer any consequences from all this crazy stuff!!


Anonymous said...

doesnt it feel like they put you on a pill to fix one thing, but then on another pill to help with the side effect of the first pill. I sure hope things get balanced out for ya. My uncle and grandma both have diabetes and they always keep hard candy and sometimes a capri sun with them int he vehicle or a purse at all times. hope this helps.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

praying. praying lots. i have been in the touch and go recently. it's no fun at all.

Trishelle said...

Tiffany, I am praying for you too. I'll also put you and your sweet pea's name on the prayer roll. It's so scary to go through something like that. You are amazing. Your strength and faith are so inspiring. Hang in there! You've got lots of us in your corner!

steph said...

hey lady, being hypoglycemic I know all about those feelings. it doesn't have to be hard candy. I like snickers :) but get some REAL food in after you eat it. much love! everything will be ok