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Sunday, January 17, 2010

We SO need a vacay! And some updates

So life for us lately has been kinda cruddy. Andrew and I have been working like crazy but yet it ALL goes to bills, nothing left over for anything fun. I was really hoping to take a vacation to Disneyland this spring, but given my current condition and the fact that we just had to spend tons of money on our stupid car I don't think it's going to happen, so we are going to shoot for November. Uhh, Disneyland with a 3 or 4 month old will be fun, right? And I should be back to looking super sexy and trim by then too, right? Ha ha a girl can dream!
My work is changing over to a totally new system in 2 weeks, we had to do two weeks of training and then continuous training since then, but the thought of actually taking the new system "live" scares me to death!! I can do my job and I do it well, but with the new system I feel like a 5 year old trying to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. I guess we all have to fall down and get right back up to really learn what we're doing. I am also holding on to my job by the skin of my teeth. So I have to be SUPER careful and realize when Andrew is or isn't going to be home so I can better plan for babysitters, and writing down when I pick up hours for others would help too....

William is super friendly and seems to be well liked at school, but ever since his two best friends moved away we haven't found anyone who wants to play with him on a regular basis. I feel like I'm always calling to set up play dates, but it's never reciprocated, I don't know what to do about it. But one good thing that has come from it is that he seems to tolerate his little brother a little bit more and doesn't mind playing with him. He asks everyday after school if anyone wants to play with him and he always seems so defeated when I tell him no. I hope we can find a friend or two that live around us for him to become good buddies with. It hurts my heart.
Matthew is SO stubborn and will not go potty, he just doesn't care. He will be 4 soon and I feel like a big fat failure that he isn't potty trained. He is making progress but he is still at about a 3 year old level. He hasn't been diagnosed with anything specific they have just told us that he "behind", its a little frustrating to say the least, I think we need to do some more testing, but I don't know how to approach it.
I guess I'm having a pity party, I need to count my blessings and just move on.


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I love you and I wish I had all the answers. However I do have a joke for you!

Where do computers go on Saturday night?

To a Disco!!
Heheheheheh! Love ya, cheer up!

Trishelle said...

Aw Tiffany, it's not a pity party. Sometimes we need to vocalize our discouragements in order to get through them. Who better to listen than your friends who love you?

Potty training can be soooooo frustrating! ARG!! He'll get there. It just happens to be really energy consuming during the process. Plus, it can not be easy to do it while battling morning sickness. Those situations can seem 10 times worse!

In all of this, don't forget, you are amazing! You will be able to navigate through this and come out on top!

Anonymous said...

I soo know how you feel. we havent had a vacation in forever. We were planning on disneyland for this year too..but then I was laid off and all the extra cash went to bills. so we may have to do a staycation....or something cheap. Is cheap even an option anymore? always thinking of you, wish you and Jenny lived closer. Miss Ya.