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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In Yellowstone 2007

I'm thankful for my sisters, all 5 of them. Today is my lil sister Hailey's 17th birthday! I love her with all my heart and I miss hanging out with her. We have lots of fun when we are together! I'm thankful she loves my boys and will babysit sometimes. I love that we have the same laugh and that it makes us laugh even harder.....

Girls trip to Moab, Joy wasn't able to come!
I'm thankful for Andrew's 3 sisters, Heather, Jen and Audrey and the other daughter in law in the family Joy. We all have a blast when we get together for GNO and I love making memories with them, I'm so happy that we are all friends and that we enjoy rather than dread getting together as a family. We have gone on lots of girls' trips and never seem to get sick of each other. It is because of Heather and Audrey that I got into running, they were training for their first marathon when I met Andy and asked me to do a half marathon with them, me just thinking about getting in shape for the wedding and wanting them to like me said OK, after I crossed that finish line I was hooked!! I love the feeling of accomplishment after you cross that finish line!! We are planning another trip for April and I can't wait and if I'm not prego I may be doing the race with Audrey and Heather, we'll see what happens........

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