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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Oh we had SO SO SO much FUN!!! Driving down was a great decision. I haven't gone on a real road trip since I started working for JetBlue and so it was exciting! I wish all of my girlfriends could of come with us just because talking with each other and just being together was the best part of the whole trip! We didn't do anything too spectacular, no shows or rides, just sight seeing, shopping and a LOT of walking! The second night we were headed to dinner at Planet Hollywood and we were all hungry and when we left the Riviera it was HOT, and someone suggested driving down, my response? "Nah, let's just walk, I ran there this morning and it's just down the street...." Well Planet Hollywood is NOT down the street from the Riviera!!! It's like a mile and a half away!! I felt horrible!!!! But once we got there and got some food in our bellies we were able to laugh about it.... A little... A magician stopped us thinking that the HUGE cups we had in our hands were from alcoholic drinks and wanted us to fill our drinks at the place that he was "performing" in front of, so we stopped and watched his show, which was awesome and I have NO idea how he did the things he did, maybe his soul belongs to the devil... Anyways he is working his magic and suddenly turns to me and says, "you must be the sober one.." We all start laughing because we were all sober!!! We decided that we weren't going to go back to our room until after midnight, after that LONG walk we thought we would just head back after dinner, well we went to the Bellagio and the conservatory was decorated for Halloween and had cool tree beards that talked, it was AWESOME!!! We then went out the door and had an AMAZING view for the fountain, it was so cool. At the M&M World we met a guy who fell in love with my friend Jenny (too bad for him she is happily married), he was from Paris and was fun to talk to because of his accent. Thinking for sure that we were going to go to bed after that we started our journey back down the strip and got to Treasure Island and decided to wait and watch the pirate show, which was pretty awesome, the "sirens" were very good dancers and fun to watch! It was after midnight at that point, we made it!!!
Remember the part where I said that I ran there this morning and it's just down the street??? Well I woke up our first morning there at 5 AM!!! I could NOT get back to sleep!!! So I did some pilates and situps and squats and it was still dark so I went for a walk around the hotel and that was boring and the fire exits were scarier to me than the strip was so I decided to go for a walk/run by myself.... It was FUN.... There were a lot of runners out there and it was getting light out so I got to see Las Vegas "waking up"! Was I tired that day...?? Nope. Not at all, but because my friends were a little miffed when I turned on the lamp at 6 am I took a sleeping pill that helped me sleep! I even took my sleep apnea machine but I guess I still have sleeping issues...
We went to the outlets and did some shopping and found some killer deals, as we were leaving we saw one of those awesome spray paint painters, I ended up getting the boys this wicked Batman painting to put in their room, now I just have to get it framed and hang it up!! Mindi is going to post a video of him painting so when she does I will post the link.... It was seriously the coolest thing ever! He was SO fast and SO good! I will post a picture of my batman picture!! After shopping we decided to go find the Las Vegas Temple, forgetting that it was the General Relief Society broadcast, we found it but because of the broadcast the temple was closed :( so we just took some pictures and Jenny and I got our second (or third) wind and started doing toe-touches in front of the temple gates, I got an awesome picture of her doing an actual toe-touch and was laughing so hard I cried because my pictures kept coming out the same..... We were starving and hadn't hit any buffets yet so we went to Fremont street and went to a YUMMY buffet, we watch a little of the light show but the best part of Fremont street was the band that was playing that was so GOOD, he sang Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" to the tune of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" some how it was so COOL and sounded so good!! We ended our Vegas trip on a high note, my friend Mindi won $250!!! It was SO EXCITING!!! I am so happy for her! I had an amazing time and I'm SO SO SO happy that I'm lucky enough to have a husband who let me go and even took the boys away to the cabin so they had fun without mommy!!
Thanks friends for making it such a memorable trip!!! I LOVE YOU!


Sovic Clan said...

Awww Tiff! I heart you! What a great weekend we had! You had me laughing the whole trip miss "just down the street" girl! Thanks for being such a good sport with our teasing!!! Love ya! Muah!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I heart you too! I love you girls it was so great to reconnect and remember that we know how to have a GOOD...GREAT...AWESOME time!