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Monday, August 3, 2009

What happened????

What has happened to summer? It seems to be going by WAY too quickly!! I feel like I had all these grand plans and haven't done any of them!! I've been training for the half marathon for the whole summer and here it is this SATURDAY!! What the heck?!?! There haven't been ANY BBQ's with friends? We haven't even gone swimming out at Deseret Peak yet!!! School cannot be starting in 3 weeks, I feel like I've got way too much to do! Matthew isn't potty trained, William will only read the I Spy books and won't try anything harder and I don't seem to posses the patience to try to make him read anything harder, we haven't worked on his writing at all!!! I have only gained weight not lost any like I NEED to so that we can expand our family....... What have we been doing???


Emily S said...

Yuck, school starting so early makes it seem like summer is nearly over, but it's really not . . . crazy school. It's awesome you're running a half marathon, I did the Provo River thing in 05. It's nice, have fun! (And you've been running like crazy and lost no weight - I don't understand, doesn't seem fair.)

Jacki said...

Give yourself a break! Raising two handsome boys is enough of a job in itself. Do you really NEED to lose weight? LOL

The Peterson Family said...

Your not alone. I feel the same way! I just dont know where the time goes either.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I feel the same way. did accomplish allot!
You trained and your kids are still alive! That is a major achievement.