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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well it looks like some of the instructors at The Difference are going to try to keep the doors open! I'm hoping and praying that they can make it happen!! I'm also training for my first half marathon in more than 3 years and I was supposed to start my actual training this week... Well I wasn't able to run at all except for one day.. I need to make it more of a priority, even if it means missing a spinning class =p
Today (Saturday) I actually went to spinning (even though the power has been turned off) so we didn't have fans (yes I did sweat like Sione on Biggest Loser) then I got home JUST in time for us to go to Opening Ceremonies for William's T-ball season. The "ceremonies" lasted a whole 10 minutes... We came home and had some time before his 1:00 game so I went out and started pulling the dreaded weeds, we SERIOUSLY need prayers to be answered on this one, MONEY, to buy dirt, topsoil, and SOD! Its SO pathetic, I'm trying to just focus on one area at a time, so my flower garden is completely weed free and today I made a dent on where we need sod in our front yard, but its just SO overwhelming! Anyways, we went to his game, which was HILARIOUS! They have only had 3 practices, so when his team was in the outfield they would ALL run for the ball and get mad if they didn't get to pick it up and throw it to first base...... And when they were up to bat they would all hit the ball and just watch it and then the coach and everyone else, would start yelling for them to run. He had fun and is looking forward to his next game on Monday. Ever think its a small world?? One of the dads on his team went ALL the way through school with me, we were even in the same Kindergarten class! Also one of the moms went to Jr. High and High School with us too! CRAZYY! After the game, they each got a ticket for a treat at the snack bar and as I was walking over with him I heard someone calling my name and it was one of my best friends from Jr. High and High School, (her son was playing baseball)and she is moving in one street over from me tomorrow, FUN stuff! After his game Will asked me if we could go get some seeds for him to plant, so we went and got lunch and then stopped at the local nursery, and he picked out pumpkin seeds, I always plant pumpkins in my garden, but its not ready to be planted, again we need some more dirt and it needs to be weeded, anyways, I also got some sunflower seeds and a corn plant, with the thought that we can put the pumpkin seeds and corn plant in the front flower garden... Why not, right? William wanted to just dig a hole put them in and be done with it, I talked him into planting them in 4 different spots, on the chance that they actually grow that hopefully they won't get HUGE and overpower my flowers.... He actually helped me and wanted to water them too, it was very cute! It also made me really want to get my garden planted!!! The nursery had tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, and a bunch of other stuff that I was itching to buy, but didn't, it will have to wait til the ground is ready for planting... Then finally after we had dinner I went for a 3 mile run and it felt GREAT!!! I'm so happy I was able to do both running and spinning and not feel completely wiped out, I guess we will see how I feel tomorrow!!


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

My boys are in Soccer and it is SO funny. We cannot help but laugh through the whole game. I am sure the other parents find it annoying, but it is FUNNY!

Anyway, I think that getting that extra run in,on top of other exercise makes all the difference!

Can't wait to see you, I am thinking that Tuesday the 5th of May, would be good for me! Lunch?

Cathy Clark said...

Hey we have T-ball and baseball in Stansbury, I havent seen you. I will look for you next time.

Trishelle said...

Tiffany, I'm so glad The Difference is working so hard at keeping things running. That is awesome!

But even more AWESOME is YOU!!! Spinning and running? You ROCK! I 'spun' once for about 10 minutes and thought my legs would fall off.

I'm impressed by the short, sweet and to the point the t-ball opening ceremonies were. Could you imagine being there with little kids for a long period of time? Those organizers must know what they are doing!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I have been thinking about you. I hope your doing alright.