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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Matthew's making some progress, my gall bladder, and my job!

Matthew repeated colors on a soccer ball back to me tonight!! He says Purple and Black SO cute!! He knows the color blue, I'm not quite sure where he learned it from but I don't care!!! When I tell him to go get his shoes or coat he will look side to side and say "where go?" with his hands up and when he finds them he will say "there it is!" and clap and say "yay" I really need to get it on video before he stops doing it.... I also should've gotten it on video of him calling me mama, because I'm now back to being daddy..... But when I get home from anywhere, even if I just go outside to throw something away, when I walk in the door he will say "Dada dada dada" and come up and hug me and give me a big kiss like I've been gone for a year or something!
My surgery was a week ago today and it went well, when it finally happened.... I was schedualed to have it at 1:30 and the doc that did the surgery set it for that time because he was seeing patients before and after he did my surgery, well the OR got backed up so they said that it got pushed back to 2:30. We had to get there at noon and Andrew wanted to go home and check on the boys and so he left and came home, and accidently took my glasses with him..... I am BLIND without my contacts or glasses. He did leave me my phone, but for some reason I have to close one eye to be able to see my phone clearly even up close without my glasses, and that gets annoying and gives me a headache. The TV was on but again I couldn't see it, so I just sat there waiting for my doc to get there, well a little bit after Andrew left the nurse came out and told me that the doc couldn't do it until 4:30.... AWESOME! I'm not really sure how long I layed in pre-op but it felt like FOREVER! Finally I went to the bathroom and lo and behold when I come out both my sweet husband and the doc had showed up! The surgery went well, I do remember seeing my gall bladder, I was surprised by how big it was, and it wasn't until a few days later that I started to wonder how on earth he got it out of my belly button... I still don't know.... No he didn't offer to give it or the stones to me, I think it would have been interesting to take home and show to William, I don't know why, but I do. My pain and nausea wasn't under control when the doc wanted to discharge me so I got admitted to the hospital, yuck, hospital beds and pillows... Why is it that the night time nurses always seem to be the most compitent and nice? She was SO nice and kept telling me how pretty I was and that she really liked my hair, my nice neighbor came to the hospital and put it into french braided pig tails for me, THANKS DEBI, you are the bestest BFF ever!! Andrew ordered Twilight for me and it got to our house on Tuesday so he brought it and the laptop to the hospital so I could watch it. I watched it in the morning, and my morning nurse was nice, but gave off a weird vibe, IDK how to explain it... Then things kinda got bad... The lab came in to draw my blood and couldn't find a vein, SHOCKER, and a week later I STILL have a bruise on my hand, yep my hand, which is ALMOST as painful as having blood drawn from your wrist. I have horrible veins, if you can't tell. Then all the saline solution ran out so the IV on my other hand started to hurt and the machine kept beeping, I called for a nurse twice, then finally found the off button myself! I then unhooked my IV from the pole and got myself dressed. The weird vibe nurse walked in on me getting dressed, I don't want to assume anything but I think she was weirded out by seeing me in my garment top and a red bra..... She got mad at me for not calling for her to come help me, ummm I did, twice... She got all my discharge papers put together and then said "Do you have a ride home?" I said yes and called Andrew, she said that she would be right back to walk me out. He came in and we sat there for a little bit and finally just walked out to the nurses station, and Andrew asked if he could take me home. They all looked confused and then one of the nurses says "oh I will find a wheelchair and take you out" so she tries to find one, and they says, "well you are up and walking so I will walk you out." I was in pain and tired when we got home so I spent the day in bed. Again as long as I stayed on top of taking painkillers every 4 hours I felt fine. Its now been about a week since I started this post. I'm still feeling better..... As long as I don't push myself too hard. If I bend over too far or lift something too heavy (like a sleeping on the floor Matthew) where my gall bladder was will hurt! But I'm doing well. I seem to recover fairly well from surgeries, a week after I had my C-section with Matthew we went to my brother and sister-in-laws and had bum wars on their trampoline, I thought my doctor was going to smack me when I told him, but hey at that time I needed to do anything I could to make myself laugh and that certainly helped!!!

I have to watch myself with my job because of all this and the fact that it wasn't longer than a week I had to get attendence points for my absences, LAME but those are the rules, and they were wiliing to work with me, technically I should've been fired but because I've never had this many points and never been in trouble they will work with me if anything in the near future happens, because right now I have ZERO breathing room, so I have to trade and get my PTO built up so that I have some back up, but it still scares me! So if you know of anyone that likes to babysit and willing to come to my house, LMK! I'm hoping once its summer and I change to my new schedual which will happen at the end of this month. I will be okay. My new hours are Fri/Sat/Mon, Friday and Monday I work from 8-4:30 Saturday I think I work 11:30-7, so it kinda sucks to go back to weekends but everything happens during the week in the summer, swimming lessons, T-ball, and Karate! William is taking karate and he tested to try to get his Orange Belt two weeks ago, but they decided he wasn't quite ready for Orange so he got his Yellow belt, he LOVES it and loves to show off his moves, I promise to post pictures soon! He also starts T-ball this week, he might miss his first practice because we might try to go to California on Tuesday..... We'll see what happens! Just wanted to give everyone an update!

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Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I am glad to know you are recovering. What an ordeal. I am sorry about work. That sucks.
Just make sure you stay away from the bum wars and I think you will be OK. LOL

So much to talk about too little space. I am going to e-mail you!

Love ya-