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Saturday, December 20, 2008

His tooth was only loose for 4 days!

For the last 2 years Will has been obsessed with having a loose tooth and would tell me ALL the time that he had a loose tooth and try to wiggle his teeth, when he started Kindergarten and other kids started losing teeth, he was getting very anxious for his turn.... But his tooth wasn't very hard to get out, it was loose and then 4 days later while at recess cute Brielle came up to Will and asked if she could wiggle his tooth, well she just "picked" it out of his mouth, according to Will, then it dropped on the wood chips and they looked and looked and couldn't find it..... Miss Harms told him that the tooth fairy would probably still come and visit him anyway, William replied with "Well I have no tooth to give her, so its okay she won't come..." When he told me this, I thought of a few things I could do so make up for the lost tooth, but still have the tooth fairy come, like write a note from the tooth fairy saying that she went to the school and found his tooth, but then life got busy and lo and behold I FORGOT! So the other day he comes to me and says, I can't wait to get another loose tooth so I can finally get something from the tooth fairy, I looked at him and wanted to cry for what a horrible mom I am to this cute boy. I thought quick and said "Oh William, I forgot to tell you that the tooth fairy called me yesterday and said she looked everywhere for your tooth in the wood chips but couldn't find it, but told me to tell you that you will get DOUBLE for the next tooth that you lose.." He looked at me with big eyes and says, "Mom, that is SWEET!" So to make up for being a terrible mom I'm posting his adorable toothless smile!


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I know what he is going to want for Christmas!
I hope you have a great Christmas!!!

Luckiest Girl... said...

I am so sorry about all the things you are going through. I am glad they are working there way out. Also I wanted to apologize. I was reading through some of my comments and saw that you had wanted some snowmen. I would have loved to had made you some, but they are now gone..thank goodness. Maybe next year. They are cute and people do love them!
I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Angie said...

How cute is he!!