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Monday, June 2, 2008

William's pre-school graduation

My little boy graduated from pre-school on Saturday. It was so hilarious! They did a little program and he was the only one singing loud but only on parts that he knew and the rest of the song he was kinda mumbling. And may I lovingly say that he is a little tone deaf....... LOL! But he totally gets it from me, I'll admit it. The boys did a dance and he was so cute when he was swinging his hips, and doing the actions, he was also singing along to the song and he was right by the microphone too! I wish I had taken some video with my cell phone so I could post him singing but I didn't so pictures are going to have to do! He also knew the girls' dance and was doing the actions from his chair, I saw a similar video on America's Funniest Videos, I'm pretty sure that they won $30,000 for theirs so I should totally submit Will's. I can't believe he's old enough to be getting ready for Kindergarten and that I'm old enough to have a Kindergartener, ha ha!! He is the one not wearing ya go. Oh he also scored his first soccer goal on Saturday too! I'm so proud of my big boy!!


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Yes, we are getting old. Thanks for the reminder!!

EvansFamily said...

I was just saying the same thing I cannot believe how time flies. Congrats to Will on being a preschool Grad!! Now on to BIGGER and better things. Right? At least that what I am telling myself at this point. :)

Wood Family said...

Pretty soon, you will be saying, "Am I old enough to have a child in HS, on a mission, getting married..." What I think will be funny is when my kids tell me to stop acting young or that what I say and do is not cool anymore. Then I will just do it to embarrass them! ;)