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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I made it a WHOLE week!

Without one once of Coca-Cola!!! Please pray that this will make a difference with my weight! I've been so frustrated. Next step is calorie cutting, argh!!! Just wanted to share!
Our old neighbors got the house!! So Boyd, Alice, Nolan, Afton and Mia will be back here on June 18th!! William and I are very excited..........

Also, best quote of the day
"Debi, Cheetos are healthy for your body because they are made from candy" my son William Russell to my neighbor Debi!


Angie said...

Good job babe!!

I love Will's quote. Kids are so smart!! ;) I agree with him. Cheetos are good for you.

daEnces said...

I know he's hilarious!! Thanks I think I'm finally done with caffiene!! I did it with diet 7-up and limes, now I really like that combo, LOL!!