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Thursday, October 29, 2009


"Look at my scary face!"
"Do a scary face Matthew"
"This is my scary face mom!"

"Ooooo, Spoooky"

Watching Scooby Doo in the car while we waited for our time to ride the train...

Waiting in line for the train...

These are in backwards order and I'm too impatient at the moment to try and fix them!!! But these are the pictures we got.......

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Haunted Railway!

It was SO SO SO much fun!!! When we got there ( WAY TOO EARLY) we sat in the car because it was raining and then I finally went over to get our tickets and the guy there looked twice for our tickets and then the lady looked twice and then she called the depot and they told her they had printed off tickets for us for the night before and that the 7:30 train was sold out (my friend had also bought tickets for her family and we were going to meet them there too). They told us that we could go on the 8:30 train..... Shoot, well it would of been a waste of time and gas to just NOT go on the train so we decided to go find a nice bathroom to use (the one at the park was an outhouse... nuf said)! We got to Provo at like 5 we had already eaten dinner AND had time to take a little drive up the canyon... It was nice, and beautiful, I wish I had taken more pictures, but the rain made that a little difficult... Anyways, my hubs wasn't so excited to wait but we went to Kohl's and looked at beautiful Christmas decorations and used their bathroom ;) and by the time we did that it was time to go back to the park for the train.....
My friend has a little boy who is 8 and she told me that he was freaked out, so I was worried about William.... We get on the train and everybody is happy, and of course the batteries in the camera die right as I was taking a picture of Will in front of the train... :( so we get on the train and they had it all decorated with cobwebs and green lights and over the speaker there is scary music playing, then they start telling "ghost stories" well Matthew was fine because he couldn't really understand what was being said, but William could.... There were "ghosts" on the outside of the train that related to the ghost stories, then they told a story about a girl that had fallen into a well and all the sudden there is a girl holding a bear walking down the train and she was singing "ring around the rosies" and that freaked Will out a little bit. Not to mention that his dad kept randomly yelling and scared the poo out of Will and this other boy that was sitting in his mom's lap after Andrew yelled and he looked like he was about 10 year old....... Then there were lots of scary people coming in the train cars and this scary witch lady came right up to Will and got in his face and asked him if he burned down her house, and he said No all brave like, and then she held up a stuffed cat and asked if he did this to Snowball, and he bravely said No, so she left and after that his face didn't leave my arm.... After it was over he kept asking why we went on that train ride, and why was it so scary? LOL, but he fell asleep with no problem and didn't have any nightmares, so I think it was a success and the funnest Halloween thing we have ever done!!! THANKS VON for the tickets! I hope we get to do "Polar Express" on the Heber Valley Railway this Christmas!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I will be 30 by this time next month.... SO here is my total wishlist ..

SO just because I'm crazy like that, I'm making a birthday wishlist because I don't feel like doing what I should be doing (putting away laundry)

Cutting mat, cutting wheel and guide (sewing)
A nice date with the hubby
4 days in Disneyland with my family
Picture frames
Baby girl
A massage
A fun night out with my girlfriends

That's all I can think of right now.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Carnival, Pumpkin Walk, and Carving pumpkins

I WON I WON I WON!! We get to go on the "haunted" Heber Valley Railway!! I'm so super excited and I know the boys are going to LOVE it, hopefully we will go this weekend!!

Every year there is a Halloween carnival at school and this year it was extra early!! So my grandma came out and went with us, there were a TON of bounce houses, and that was ALL Will wanted to do and Matthew didn't want any of it, except the "train". Grandma took Will. I was on Matty duty, but we still had fun on the train!

There is a Pumpkin Walk out here at the Grist Mill that is SO much fun and this year was no exception, our good friends came out and met us there, we got marshmellow shooters, went on a hay ride, ate some kettle corn, and the boys all rolled down the hill, it was fun to see all the cute pumpkins and to let the kids go fish for a prize, thanks Brittney!!

Remember this post about the pumpkins that William planted?? Well we got 14 pumpkins from his two tiny seeds... And they would probably keep going if it wasn't getting so dang cold. We finally carved 2 of them and put them on our front porch, Matthew chose the "baby" one and Will chose the other one, and we still have to carve the one I want!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I want to win this giveaway SO SO bad, and an update on me....

SO my fabulous blogging gal pal VON is giving away a 4 pack to the Heber Valley Railway, Haunted Railway, I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this, my boys, all 3 of them would LOVE to do this!!!! So click HERE to read all about the giveaway and enter for yourself if you would like!!!!

Also I have news.... My new fabulous OB/GYN did an ultrasound and decided that I have to go on clomid if I want to get pregnant again, apparently I have an inactive endometrium which means I'm pre-menopausal.... GREAT, he was shocked as I'm only 29..... For another month and 8 days, anyway, LOL!!! So we will try it for a couple of months and see how it goes... My chances of getting twins is 7 times greater, who knows maybe William will get his wish of 2 baby sisters.... But I'm trying to stay positive and realistic, just because I'm going on Clomid doesn't guarantee us a pregnancy... My body seems to be against me getting pregnant... In the meantime, I'm going to focus on eating healthy!

More news, I'm almost done with training for work!!! I can't wait til it's over!!!!! We are getting a new system and everyone has to go through two weeks of training before we cut over to the new system in February. I was lucky enough to get in the 2nd class, which has it's good and bad points... Good points, I get to get training done and over before the holidays hit and I get to be one of the first people to learn the system. Bad points; The trainers just got trained on the system and they keep getting updates and it changes what they learned in their training, my class starts at 6 AM, so I have to leave my house by 5 AM so I've been waking up at 4 AM!!! I feel like they jumped the gun on training they should of waited until the system was completely updated, because as it is now the things that I've learned I will use but there will be A LOT of new things that I could of learned in training that I will have to learn from home.... It's been a bit frustrating to say the least....

LAST but NOT Least, I got a new church calling, I'm 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency!! I'm now in charge of the Scouting program, the Senior Primary Children (ages 7-11), and a bunch of other stuff that went over my head in the 5 minutes that I was able to talk to the last 2nd counselor, but I'm SUPER excited and I know it will be TONS of FUN! The president is an amazing lady she is super sweet and nice. I would normally get a lot of anxiety at having a lot suddenly thrown on my plate like this, but all I feel is peace and calm. So it must be meant to be....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

So it begins....

I'm going to quit taking birth control and we are going to start "trying" for #3.... No I haven't lost as much weight as I would like and no Matthew isn't potty trained yet, but you can only ignore very strong promptings for so long.... I keep thinking that it took us 6 months to get pregnant with Matthew and there is still the small chance that I will not be able to get pregnant, so I need to listen to the Spirit and my instincts... As I've had a miscarriage and a little superstitious I'm not sure if I will blog publicly about getting pregnant and my pregnancy, I guess time will tell.....